Healthcare Providers Benefit by using IndiCare for Indigent Care
The Benefits of Using IndiCare are Multifaceted

Pharmacies, Clinics, Hospitals and Health Systems can expect to recover 30% - 40% of "give-aways" to qualified indigent patients and see a 50% decrease in pharmaceutical expenses for indigent populations with the IndiCare™ program, frequently saving millions. Organizations utilizing the IndiCare™ program have experienced pharmacy cost and budget savings that have directly impacted the bottom-line.

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Physicians, Government Organizations and Charity Groups can help ensure that indigent patients receive medications on an ongoing basis without consuming working capital or other resources to pay for pharmaceuticals or drug recovery services.

Since samples and other stop-gap measures do not encourage compliance, and even "cheap" pharmaceuticals can be a drain on a limited budget, there really is no other approach quite like IndiCare™

If your pharmacy, practice, institution or organization has not enrolled in one of PHS's IndiCare™ Indigent Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Programs, you may do so by calling AmerisourceBergen at 866-909-2888 or e-mailing

IndiCare Automated On-Line Indigent Patient Assistance Tool - An Internet-based software tool that allows pharmacies and organizations to efficiently procure free medications from drug company patient assistance programs (described below).

No-Risk IndiCare - We supply the staff to qualify patients and procure free pharmaceuticals for your pharmacy or organization (on-site or outsourced) for a fraction of the cost savings we actually deliver.

On-Site Training - A team from PHS visits your staff to demonstrate processes required to optimize free medication procurement, or to customize a program to meet any special needs.

Customized Consulting to Leverage Purchasing - PHS Associates helps organizations and outpatient pharmacies attract insured patients and optimize retail reimbursement for drugs purchased under PHS or "own use" contracts. This enables our clients to generate sizeable gross margins that can often offset losses from serving the medically indigent.