IndiCare Supports Your Indigent Care Efforts and Your Bottom Line
We Support You and Your Bottom Line.

IndiCare Program Can Help Almost Any Institution:

There are now more than 300 health care providers and pharmacies subscribed to the IndiCare on-line software program.

Payment and drug fulfillment capabilities may be coordinated through and customized by AmerisourceBergen Corporation, our wholesaler / pharmaceutical distribution partner.

IndiCare is a preferred provider service offering for the United States Public Health Service, Office of Pharmacy Affairs (formerly the Office of Drug Pricing) for those eligible for PHS 340b or disproportionate share purchasing contracts. More information may be obtained by calling 866-909-2888.

IndiCare is a PHPC Gold Affiliate Member (

The IndiCare program may be customized to suit any institution. Virtually any group involved in giving away / providing medications to indigent patients may be helped by IndiCare, including ambulatory care pharmacies, outpatient infusion centers, free clinics, hospitals, inpatient pharmacies, nursing homes and physician group practices.

There are over 1,500 drugs recoverable through the IndiCare database. 60% of drug replacement forms can be printed locally through IndiCare. Most drug company programs are included and are continually updated