What IndiCare Does for Your Indigent Care
IndiCare Works to Make Indigent Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Easy for You.

Nearly every major pharmaceutical company offers a program to provide free pharmaceuticals to indigent patients. However, these programs are inherently difficult to use because there is no standardization across programs.

IndiCare clears this roadblock. It provides instant access to countless programs, qualification requirements, and submission-ready application claim forms that you can print from your desktop.

After logging on to the IndiCare Internet site (www.indicare.com), users have instant access to the IndiCare drug list for medications covered by indigent programs.

If the needed product is on the list, IndiCare will display and print all program requirements and restrictions. In these cases you may print completed application claim forms from your desktop for submission. If the indigent program requires that a patient-specific/hand-written form be completed, IndiCare will provide the necessary information to obtain the form.

Following completion and submission of the necessary information, the sponsor drug company will ship medication to be given out to indigent patients (or replace meds already dispensed) directly to your institution or organization.

All entered data is securely stored in a sophisticated database, so there is no need to re-enter duplicate patient, physician or claim information when filing subsequent applications (including refills) or for multiple medications.

IndiCare user's benefit from using stored physician and patient profiles that are available at the click of a button, and these profiles may even be uploaded from your existing databases.

If your pharmacy, practice, institution or organization has not enrolled in one of PHS's IndiCare Indigent Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Programs, you may do so by calling AmerisourceBergen at 866-909-2888 or e-mailing IndiCareSupport@amerisourcebergen.com