Indigent Care Success Stories using IndiCare
Success Stories from Our Clients

The following is one of many IndiCare success stories:

"IndiCare has automated our indigent claims process. We no longer reenter the same patient and physician data time and time again as patients return for refills or new drugs. So far, our database holds several hundred such entries.

Furthermore, relieving our pharmacy of the bulk of that redundant work has allowed us to serve a broader patient base. And the proof is adding up quickly: In our first full year of submitting claims to pharmaceutical replacement programs, we received over $1,600,000 worth of replacement products.

We plan to continue at this level (or higher) indefinitely. I know of pharmacies that do little or nothing to attempt to recover the drugs they give away to their local indigent populations. With the IndiCare program it is hard for me to imagine why any hospital would not pursue these lost dollars."

Larry Miller, R.Ph. Medical Center Hospital Odessa, Texas